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The Problem

Many vendors offer the manufacturing industry an off the shelf, “one size fits all”chemical cleaning solution. Unfortunately, these broad brush solutions often miss the mark, resulting in poor parts cleaning, and possibly requiring more additives to improve the results.

A Whole Different Approach

We take an analytic approach to your parts cleaning requirements. Our process starts with an on-site visit, at which time we review your equipment and soil removal requirements. Using your parts, we then simulate your process in our labs, and develop a solution tailored to your specifications and parts cleaning needs. The result: efficient, maximized chemistries that clean your parts to a water break-free surface, all at a highly competitive price and without the need to purchase more add on chemicals.

Proven Industry Experience

For over 125 years, the Matchless Metal Polish Company has been providing metal finishing solutions to many of the Fortune 100 companies in the automotive, medical, aerospace and other industries. For the last twenty years, the Matchless Metal Chemical Division has been providing custom parts cleaning solutions to many of these same customers.

Matchless Metal Advantages

Working With Us Has Its Advantages

We approach each customer individually, collaborating with them to achieve a solution which efficiently addresses their unique circumstances.

No Obligation, Assessment Solution Consultation

Contact us to arrange for a review and analysis of your parts cleaning requirements.
See first-hand how much efficiency can be gained by using our custom solutions.

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